Why Kaysons ?

Video lectures

Access over 500+ hours of video lectures 24*7, covering complete syllabus for NEET preparation.

Online Support

Practice over 30000+ questions starting from basic level to NEET.

Live Doubt Clearing Session

Ask your doubts live everyday Join our live doubt clearing session conducted by our NEET experts.

National Mock Tests

Get familiar with the question pattern for NEET Exam by attempting our National mock tests.

Organized Learning

Using our study planner and proper planning out complete syllabus is the key to get a decent rank in NEET. So, we help you prioritize all subjects equally and prepare effectively.

Test Series/Daily assignments

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your NEET preparation.


NEET study material

In 2019, more than 14 lakhs students appeared NEET, but a little less than 57% of them cleared it. A large number of students out of those 14 lakhs had attended coaching classes. Now let’s be honest, school studies prepare you only for the boards, and not for competitive exams, unless you are a prodigy or your school has tie-ups with coaching classes. While not everyone can afford coaching classes, they can get NEET study material at a very low price and prepare themselves for NEET at home. These days a lot of online websites provide study materials, while not all of them can be qualitatively suitable.

In this digital age, education has also been well established online in India, including coaching classes. Kaysons has come forward to provide the students with online learning facilties in terms of coaching for NEET at very affordable prices, as low as Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 25,000 depending on the year of enrolment. Since, preparing by self can be a difficult task, choosing online classes and referring to NEET study material would be a very wise decision.
Then there are students in the drop year who do not feel like joining coaching classes again and spend another ₹90,000 (average) for a year. It is also difficult for them to give up their dream of pursuing M.B.B.S or B.D.S. These facilities can be very helpful for them.
However for a NEET aspirant, study material alone cannot be enough. 

For a complete preparation, an aspirant also requires:

  • NEET Video Lectures (To aid explanation). The interactive videos can be helpful for explaining complicated subjects
  • Question Banks
  • Doubt Clearing
  • Test Series
  • Class Notes
  • Question Bank
  • Time Table

This is where Kaysons’ online coaching for NEET comes in with the abovementioned facilities.

Did you know, in NEET 2019, two candidates scored 700 marks out of 720 and still secured different ranks? This is because the one who scored better in biology got priority over the other one. This is a competitive examination for medical aspirants and biology is 50% of the question paper followed by chemistry and physics securing 25% each. Biology as a subject in the NEET syllabus isn’t as technical as chemistry and physics. But that does not mean it is obviously easy. The syllabus is vaster than chemistry and physics and a lot of it has to be just memorised, which is not as easy as it sounds. Kaysons provides students with regular questions followed by each chapter to help consolidate the learning. The revision ensures that the subject is properly understood by the student.

A major strategy for candidates in NEET is and should be to score at least 300 marks out of 360 in biology. NEET Biology preparation requires a candidate to be thorough with the NCERT as the syllabus and questions for Biology are almost entirely based on it. Also, breaking up the syllabus into smaller sections helps in reducing the fear of covering a vast course. Kaysons has timetable and planners available to serve this purpose. Here, the student will have all the texts to study in the form of NEET study material and any more assistance required can be resolved by video lectures.

As mentioned above, after biology, chemistry is the subject that is given second priority in ranking schemes. In NEET Chemistry syllabus, usually organic chemistry carries more weightage than the other two as it is more closely associated with the medical subjects. But a majority of students find organic chemistry to be difficult to answer.

Organic chemistry revolves around its concepts, and you need to clear every concept before anything else. The next step should be to solve sample questions which will broaden your understandings of how concepts are used. Inorganic chemistry is mainly theoretical but the most frustrating part of it is the exceptions. There is no other way than to just memorise as much as you can. Physical chemistry is more equations and problem solving based on a few concepts. Once you clear the concepts and read the question carefully before solving them, this should give you most marks in chemistry.

Physics is the least prioritised subject but should not to be misunderstood as unimportant. Many students find this subject to be very tough due to not having chosen maths as a subject in the higher secondary studies, and NEET physics syllabus involves a moderate amount of mathematical concepts. 
Honestly, one needs a tutor to understand all the mathematical concepts. But why go for it separately if you can get it all done in the same place. In Kaysons’ NEET video lectures, professional and qualified lecturers give you a deep understanding of all the concepts and how it is to be asked in a question. Once you have understood it well, go on and solve a few sample papers or questions provided in the NEET study material.

Practice will help in learning the concepts. Practice more number of NEET sample papers and previous year question papers to get an idea about the pattern of questions that will be asked. This will definitely make you more confident. Aspirants should take up as many mock tests as possible to enhance their preparation for NEET. The aspirants should clear their doubts regularly. To get the proper benefits of studying and practising one should keep revising at regular intervals. Candidates should make it a point to revise the entire syllabus several times before the NEET exams so as to be thorough in each topic.

Kaysons Education provides you with the facility to clear your doubts at each level when you are preparing and solving the questions. They will provide you with a wide range of NEET study material, video lectures and openings for doubt clearing. Their complete package will cost you around ₹15k including the Test Series. The cost goes up another Rs. 5,000 if one wishes to enrol for 2 years. Moreover, there exists a feature, an option for you to get a free trial which will get you an idea of if you get what you will pay for. Alongside, there are doubt clearance, question banks and proper schedule planning which will help you track your studies, finish the NEET Syllabus and have ample time for revision.

Q. Why should I opt for Kaysons Study Materials??

At Kaysons’ we believe in providing exhaustive facilities while keeping the aspect of preparation strategies in mind. While our course is provided at the lowest rate across e-learning platforms, we do not compromise on the quality of the content. The course contains Video Lectures scheduled day wise followed by questions to practise. Alongside we have a huge question bank and provide Test Series. We help clarify doubts of the students and keep them on top of their preparation via a time table which can ensure that they have ample time left for revision as well. We also provide tips and tricks to solve questions fast and also have a guaranteed result policy.

Q. What is the mode of content delivery to students??

The content is delivered to students in recorded formats either by USB, SD Card or Tablet. This helps the students to prepare irrespective of the internet connection available and help them prepare from anywhere as per their convenience. The Video Lectures are animated in nature which is carefully formed to help students understand the concepts better. This is a step further from mere theoretical elaboration. The doubts can be accessed in the website itself.

Q. . Who is going to teach you??

We have experienced faculties with many years of experience in their respective subjects as teachers for the competitive examinations.

Q. What does the study material include??

The study material will include: - Video Lectures: With focus on both board and competitive examinations, we provide over 385 hours of Video Lectures divided into 526 parts. These are recorded with presentations to help explain concepts better. The video lectures also contain video solutions to thousands of questions. - Doubt Clearing: We at Kaysons take strong initiative for doubt clearing and thus our portal is available to ask unlimited doubts while it is possible for peers to see each others’ doubts. - Test Series: Our test series contains over 123 chapter tests, 30 unit test and 10 full syllabus tests. We also conduct National Tests as per schedule. - Class Notes: We provide notes which contains the necessary theory alongside derivation, definitions, and formulae with short cuts. The notes are prepared to reduce the burden of the students to prepare notes and can be an excellent source of revision. - Question Bank: Competitive examinations are hugely dependent on the practice owing to the variety of questions and thus we have a Question Bank available containing over 20,000 questions to practice along with solutions. - Time Table: We provide you with a schedule which you can use to cover the syllabus more than once while also taking care of the aspect of revision.

Q. Are there any scholarship programs available??

We have a guaranteed result policy where 75% of the amount is refunded if you didn’t get what was promised. Alongside we also have Future Doctors and Doctors Ranker Level which can be unlocked for free by completing 75% of assignment or getting above 134 marks out of 720 in any of our National Test.

Q. . Is study material available for students preparing for competitive exams with higher difficulty??

While our study material gradually increases in terms of difficulty, we also have Doctors Rankers Level and Future Doctors Level to upgrade your speed of appearing questions alongside very useful tips and tricks. These can be availed for free by completing assignments or scoring certain marks in the National Test (as mentioned in the point above).

Q. Are there any opportunities for clarifying doubts??

While creating our curriculum, we have emphasised a lot on the aspect of doubt clearing which often becomes a bottleneck in preparation for a lot of aspirants. We provide a doubt clearing platform where you can add your doubts and can also visit the solutions to doubts asked by your peers.

Q. Is it wise to choose to study from home??

With the shift in technology, it is becoming easier to access digital education. While offline coaching can be helpful for people acquainted, choosing to study home means less time spent in commuting, no worries of adjusting to newer environments, access to high quality study materials irrespective of the batch, and having the freedom to study from anywhere as per one’s own convenience.

Q. What are the cost factors associated with the study materials??

The Kaysons’ study material is designed to include every facility at a very nominal price of Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. The higher price range is either when you avail content in the format of Tablet or apply for the course with a validity of 2 years.

Q. Will Kaysons help me in planning my preparation??

Kaysons has a predefined teaching schedule to help students complete the syllabus in only 9 months leaving you with ample time for revision. The videos can be viewed as per one’s own convenience but the syllabus is divided into various time slots where each day has allocated video lectures alongside practice questions.

Q. How can Kaysons help me prepare for the actual exam day??

Kaysons has facilities of test series and National Test as mock examinations to help simulate similar situations and prepare for the actual exam day.

Q. What are time durations for enrolling into the program??

The program can be enrolled either for NEET 2022 or NEET 2023. The 2-year program costs and additional Rs.5000 only.

Q. Do I need an active internet connection to access the course??

We have considered the problem of speed fluctuation and thus shall provide you with all the contents in USB, SD Card or a Tablet. This will help you study irrespective of your internet connection with the utmost ease.