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Using our study planner and proper planning out complete syllabus is the key to get a decent rank in NEET. So, we help you prioritize all subjects equally and prepare effectively.

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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) for undergraduates is currently being conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to MBBS/BDS and other undergraduate medical courses in approved medical/dental institutes of the nation. The Neet exam which was earlier scheduled to be held on 3rd of May, 2020 has been rescheduled to 26th of July, 2020 to be held from 2 PM to 5 PM. This was done keeping in consideration the plight of the aspirants due to the epidemic. 
With such uncertain situations facing us, it has been even more important to reassess the methods of education and coaching while preparing for such entrance exams. While Offline methods constitute a major chunk of students, NEET Online Coaching is certain to gain a lot of preference. It has now become important to prioritise remote learning and in this situation opting for an e-learning platform can be a major game-changer.

With engineering and medical examinations getting the majority of participants, it has become very important to check one’s eligibility for applying the examination before preparing for it. 

After confirming eligibility, the first step should be to gain acquaintance with the entire NEET Syllabus. This is important to assess the subject, gain an understanding of the nature of various topics and can be very helpful in charting out a path for preparation. 

While there are major coaching industries such as Aakash, Resonance, Allen, Vibrant etc., the space of e-learning platforms have grown vastly in the last couple of years. In such times, Kaysons has come forward to provide exhaustive solutions as a major player in this field. Each platform comes with its own speciality and provides the ones who aren’t able to avail the offline coaching or prefer online coaching with a large set of opportunities.

With over a million aspirants participating for the top tens of thousands of seats, choosing the NEET Online Coaching has become even more urgent. However, it is to be taken into consideration that while preparing for online coaching, one should choose the Best DLP for NEET that has proper study materials. The Best DLP for NEET should contain Video Lectures for NEET, timetable keeping in view the NEET Syllabus, Question Banks, Notes, Revision Material, Doubt Clearance, Mock Tests etc. While the user can choose among the many DLPS, Kaysons fare better in terms of both exhaustive facilities and economical aspect. 

NEET Study Materials of Kaysons contains:

  • Video Lectures
  • Unlimited Doubt Clearance
  • Test Series
  • Time Table for tracking
  • Class Notes
  • Question Bank and 
  • Advanced packages for students who perform better. 

With an overall idea available for each of the platforms, the students must then give a try to the trial versions before choosing the suitable e-learning platform for them. The above options provide the user exhaustive facilities. While Kaysons is priced low, it doesn’t compromise at all with its facilities. In fact, it provides all kinds of supports that could be produced. 

After enrolling into the platform, it is very important to make a plan which is also provided by Kaysons. The preparation should be done considering both strong chapters and noting the key takeaways from other chapters. It is also important to make regular timetables to keep track of the progress and not feel disheartened. It is important to understand that the Best DLP for NEET is just one piece of the puzzle and the students will have to work hard nonetheless. While watching Video Lectures for NEET, it is also very important to maintain notes so that important questions, formulas and doubts can be marked and further resolved via the doubt clearing platform provided. The preparation should be done keeping in mind the factor of revision. 

It is important to both choose the best DLP for NEET as well as prepare for it while not being affected by the delays in the examination. The platform of Kaysons is created to help you tackle the exam better and adding it while taking care of one’s health can make tasks very simple. Irrespective of the difficulty of the examination, it can be handled well with a proper plan. At Kaysons, all the subjects have respective experienced faculties with special attention depending on the nature of the subject.

Q. Is online coaching good for NEET??

As NEET is an examination conducted in the offline method, it is very important to attend mock tests in the offline scenario before the exams. However, this doesn’t translate to the medium of preparation. Offline Coaching is beneficial for a particular group of students. Online coaching is more interactive due to the ways it imparts education in the form of animations which aids to memorization and retention. It provides all the students to access the teaching facility of the best faculties. Lately, doubt clearance has also been incorporated. For people who can’t avail online coaching due to the issue of location or economy, online coaching can be a great option. It also saves a great deal of time for the purpose of commuting.

Q. What are the requirements to attend the online classes??

Online Classes provide the students with all the required study materials and the student is required to follow it. However, it is very important to not lose focus in the absence of a classroom and teach scenario. One should choose an appropriate studying location, an appropriate time slot, the necessary books to refer, and a notebook to take important notes. It is to be understood that the feature of replay is helpful for people who slip in their schedule due to health or other issues and should not be misused. However, one needs to have a system with optimal display and sound settings to study at ease. Kindly refrain watching online classes without proper attention or while doing some other activity.

Q. How online classes take place??

The online video lectures are provided for download or available via an USB. The lectures are pre-recorded and thus there is no inconvenience of high internet speed. One can download at their convenience, refer to related study material, and practice questions. The doubt clearing platform is open for students to ask their doubts.

Q. Can a student speak his/her problem directly to the tutor during the class??

Kaysons provide the facility of Doubt Clearing where one can ask unlimited doubts. The student can also view doubts asked by his/her peers and the corresponding answers. Apart from this, any other issues can be resolved by contacting with the number available in the contact us section.

Q. What will be the timings of the Live Classes??

Kaysons operate by the method of recorded video lectures. Thus, there are no issues of staying tuned to attend Live Classes at a particular moment. One is provided content via USB or SD Card. You can study as per your own convenience. However it is advised to follow the timetable and study in time slots so that you can keep track of your progress and allocate sufficient time at the end for revision.

Q. What if a student faces a technical problem??

If one faces a technical problem with the video lectures delivered, he/she can contact Kaysons and get it replaced since one pays for the content inside the device and not the device itself. For other problems regarding online doubt clearance, the customer care is available to cater to the needs of the students.

Q. What are the Benefits of Online learning??

Online Learning has the following benefits:

  • Due to comprehensive video lectures prepared by experts with the help of animation, visualization and explanations are easier and comprehension is better.
  • Video Lectures lower the barrier of attention compared to books and thus allows the student to understand difficult concepts easily.
  • Online Learning has the advantage of portability and accessibility. Since it is not feasible to carry books everywhere but one can access the material provided in an USB.
  • Doubt Clearance is provided by Kaysons and the students can both ask questions and view solutions to the questions asked by other students.
  • Kaysons provide a timetable that helps one cover the syllabus more than once thus allowing more room for revision.
  • Kaysons provide a huge Question Bank which can help students practice multiple questions and get acquainted with the exam pattern.
  • Kaysons has multiple tests available and the analysis can help the student identify his/her mistakes, strong chapters and areas one needs to work on.

Q. What students say about Kaysons Medical online classes??

With the course launched in the last year, the students are satisfied with the syllabus completion in the short time allowing more time for revision. The explanation methodology via animation has also helped students to gain a deeper understanding of the topic. There are Doctors Rankers Level available for the top students for free based on their performance which helps them solve difficult questions.

Q. How much preparation is required for NEET??

NEET exam includes Physics, Chemistry and Biology. While the level of Physics, and Chemistry is lower than that of JEE, Biology requires a lot of preparation. It also has 90 questions against 45 of Physics and Chemistry. Thorough understanding, practice and revision is required for NEET.

Q. Can Class 11 students give NEET exam??

No. The eligibility criteria is to pass the +2 examination with a minimum aggregate of 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Q. Is there any validity for using the purchased NEET Online Coaching Classes??

The course can have a validity of 1 or 2 years depending upon the option chosen while purchasing. The 2 year course costs an extra Rs. 5000.

Q. What is Online Coaching? How can I enrol in the NEET Video Course??

Online Coaching is the facility of the coaching provided from the convenience of home. To enrol in NEET Video Course, you have to visit https://www.kaysonsmedical.com/study-materials-NEET and choose the year when you want to appear for NEET. You can then choose a study material and buy it. This will provide you with credentials and a confirmation of enrolling.

Q. Do I have to pay to take ‘Free-Trial’ for NEET??

No. It’s for free. You can visit https://www.kaysonsmedical.com/neet-videolectures to watch free videos. You can also enter your name, email and phone numbers and speak to a counsellor to avail this facility.

Q. Can I also download the NEET Online Video Course??

Since the whole material will be provided via USB or SD card, you will not be required to download the NEET Online Video Course. This saves one from the requirement of a high internet facility.

Q. Will I get study material along with the NEET Online Coaching Classes??

The package contains class notes containing important definitions, derivations and formulas. It also has a day wise categorization of syllabus and self-assessment questions beneficial to the understanding. It will contain theory and relevant questions to practice for.

Q. Does Kaysons provide any facility for top performing students??

Kaysons has a plan of Future Doctors which is prepared to help students solve questions within a particular time frame. There is another facility of RANKER'S LEVEL which contains over 1500 tips and tricks to solve JEE questions. Over 60 Hours of video lectures specially designed to solve difficult level questions.

Q. What is the teaching schedule of Kaysons??

While Kaysons believe in self-paced learning, we also prioritise on revision and thus our syllabus is designed to help you complete your syllabus in just 9 months allowing plenty of time to sharpen one’s concepts. The routine divides the syllabus in 2 time slots. The syllabus is divided in terms of lectures (known as days). Each day’s routine consists of watching video lectures followed by practicing relevant questions. We also encourage the students to ask the necessary doubts.