Why Kaysons ?

Video lectures

Access over 500+ hours of video lectures 24*7, covering complete syllabus for NEET preparation.

Online Support

Practice over 30000+ questions starting from basic level to NEET.

Live Doubt Clearing Session

Ask your doubts live everyday Join our live doubt clearing session conducted by our NEET experts.

National Mock Tests

Get familiar with the question pattern for NEET Exam by attempting our National mock tests.

Organized Learning

Using our study planner and proper planning out complete syllabus is the key to get a decent rank in NEET. So, we help you prioritize all subjects equally and prepare effectively.

Test Series/Daily assignments

Give tests to analyze your progress and evaluate where you stand in terms of your NEET preparation.


neet dlp

Kaysons DLP for NEET offers with you with a Money Refund Policy

At Kaysons Medical, we will provide you with quality NEET DLP so that you can clear your exam with excellent results. We will return 75% of the amount we charge in case you don’t get the promised facilities.

Complete the below tasks and if you still do not manage to make it in the NEET examinations, we will return you the money.

  • Complete 75% of the syllabus provided in NEET Study Material.
  • Practice assignments on our site and get above 75% mark.

So, why does our Guaranteed Results work for NEET? It is our facilities we take immense confidence in.

Facilities provided in our NEET DLP

  • Video Lectures: 385 hours of content spread over 526 lectures

Our Video Lectures for NEET contain study materials from the ground up covering syllabus relevant to 11th and 12th and moving on to NEET. The video lectures contain 2D and 3D presentations that help the students to easily understand the concepts. Alongside the theory, video solutions are provided to over 6000 questions. They are taught by best faculties and are designed in the manner so that you can finish topics in short times as well to ensure retention. The course progresses with increasing difficulty to ensure that the student has a solid foundation.

  • Class Notes: A total of 15 Books over 3000 Pages

We offer notes in sync with the video lectures for NEET containing the important definitions, derivations and formulas that will enable the student to perform well both in Board and NEET level. The syllabus is categorized and self-assessment questions are available after each day’s practice or study to save time for the student to spend hours in preparing notes. There are excellent books in the market catering to different subjects but having a source that contains the best of all resources i.e., a perfect balance of theory and practical problems can be immensely helpful.

  • Question Bank: Contains 20,000 questions

We understand how important it is to practice questions alongside understanding theory to consolidate learning. To ensure this, we provide you with sufficient questions in various formats to be well accustomed with the exam pattern. The facility will be available to access throughout the validity of your course. Based upon your pattern, we will provide a regular and detailed analysis of the progress report on the basis of different periods. It will also allow us to find out your expertise in different topics and using the data you can work on your strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Doubt Clearing: Unlimited Doubt Clearance

It is very important to clarify doubts while preparing for an examination like NEET and thus we are providing you with the Doubt Clearing Platform. Alongside asking your own questions, we also allow the students to view the questions and solutions posed by different questions. This collaborative learning can ensure that common doubts are cleared along with exceptional ones.

  • Study Planner

The key to put well organised input to get maximum output is to be able to plan well. Time Management. Yes! With our planned material and planner, it is possible to complete the entire NEET Study Material in 9 months allowing enough time for revision. We will help you to design your timetable keeping in mind various factors which can be found from our analysis.

  • Test Series: 123 Chapter Test, 25 Unit Test and 10 complete Syllabus Test

We will evaluate rank of the students based on these tests to see where you stand among thousands of other participants. These test series will help the student to revise the entire syllabus and give the fundamentals a finishing touch. The Mock Tests for NEET will help you simulate the exam conditions and get accustomed with the actual day situation.

  • Doctors Ranker’s Level: Free on completion of 75% of assignment or on scoring above 134 marks in any of our National Test. It shall contain over 1500 tips and tricks to solve NEET questions rapidly. There will be bonus content in the form of video lectures of 60 hours to solve difficult questions as well.

Q. All of this sounds unbelievable! What’s the catch??

The ideology is simple to cover the syllabus in a disciplined manner in a short times and also allow ample of time to practice questions. Completing the assignments and attending video lectures diligently is a sureshot way to achieve success.

Q. How is it possible to guarantee results for a difficult exam like NEET??

It is true that the exam is difficult but more than that it is the lack of guidance. With practice and revision, the exam is as simple as anything else.

Q. Should I practice questions from other books as well??

At Kaysons we strive to provide the best DLP for NEET including questions to practice for and test series to revise. Thus, we won’t suggest to practice from other sources before completing our study material.

Q. Can I crack NEET without coaching??

Yes, it is possible. The surveys done over the past decades reflect a lot of students crack the examination without formal coaching through self-study.

Q. How can I crack NEET with change in the examination??

Over the years, NEET has seen change in terms of both curriculum and pattern. This is done to ensure that a systematic mechanism is not formed producing students well versed with a particular pattern without the knack of engineering. To stay in touch with the latest pattern, one must be acquainted with the official announcements. Alongside, online platforms have come as substitutes to crack NEET without coaching.

Q. Is it possible to self-study for one year and crack the NEET examination??

It is possible to prepare for NEET in one year without coaching. However, this will require a strong will power and discipline alongside a curated roadmap. E-learning platforms such as Kaysons work to create planners for students to take help of to divide the syllabus and approach it with intent. Thus, it is possible.

Q. How to prepare for NEET in class 11 without coaching??

With two years in hand, this is a very important time to focus on the concepts and work on as many different problems possible. The exam is known for its vastness and difficulty altogether and with 2 years, one must try to finish the course early and move on to revision which can consolidate the understanding. It is also important to focus more on practicing the numerical.

Q. What are the alternates for formal coaching available and should I opt for them??

Today, many e-learning platforms have come across as a much cheaper, convenient and portable substitute to the formal coaching. The ratio of students cracking the NEET without coaching in the formal sense have gone up ever since. With the current scenario, the nation is moving towards a digital revolution and this will ensure that the formal coaching will be rapidly substituted unless they adapt. This will allow even more students to appear for the examination and crack NEET without coaching.

Q. What are the main challenges for students preparing to crack NEET without coaching??

The main advantage of the formal coaching is the constant guidance and the environment. Thus, while opting for self-study, it is important to be a part of a peer group with the common goal and prepare accordingly. It is important to take help of planners and time tables as well to stay committed to the purpose.

Q. What are some extra tips to crack NEET without coaching??

With the removal of formal methods, one needs to first of all choose the set of study material, corresponding question banks and rely on a platform which provides all the support together to maintain uniformity. It is hugely important to focus on the doubt clearing since it can become quite a bottleneck during the preparation.

Q. How is it possible for students to crack NEET without coaching??

It is very important to understand that there are no alternatives for the self-study. Even if you study under and excellent faculty, the onus of understanding and clarifying the gaps lie with the student. Thus, it is very important to focus on this aspect of allocating time for oneself to understand the subject and practice on one’s own. However it is suggested to follow the tried and tested roadmaps to effectively utilize one’s time.

Q. What is the importance of self-study while preparing for NEET??

While NEET preparationcan range from the usual 2 years to taking extra drop years of preparation, it is extensive in both its breadth and depth. Self-Study is an aspect which truly decides the amount of information retained by an aspirant. This can come through practicing problems, trying to explain concepts in detail, making mind maps, recalling via flash cards or appearing tests. It is extremely important since it helps the aspirants gauge his own preparation and accordingly decide on whether to practice more problems, to understand the topic with better clarity etc.

Q. What aspects of NEET Preparation will be dependent majorly on self-study??

The student will require to perform self-study after being taught concepts of biology to retain the information. The important tricks and rules taught must be made into custom notes and well noted. Mind maps, figures and important classifications in biology fall under this category as well. As far as Chemistry is concerned, a lot of practice will be required in the Physical Section while flashcards and maps will be hugely important in organic. The inorganic section requires a lot of memorization and hence trends should be noted and important exceptions should be taken care of. Having done all of this, Physics is also practice based. While the concepts are clarified during coaching, the student must take care of practicing relevant questions.

Q. What’s the importance of doubt clearing in NEET DLP??

Doubt clearing is a factor which was left out earlier when the Distance Learning Programs were in its basic version. It contained exhaustive notes, important questions, test series and revision material. Each student has a different way of approaching the subject and hence is met with new challenges. Doubts, when piled up, can also create a lot of trouble. Hence it is advisable to note down the problems faced during study and ask these doubts in the proper time.

Q. Should I focus more on appearing test series or mock tests in NEET DLP??

There is no yes or no answer to such a question. Both has its own purposes. While a test-series is focussed on making the student acquainted with a large variety of questions, mock tests seem to narrow down to relevant questions only. Test series can be of various types, chapter based, unit based, subject based etc. This can help in targeting a specific or broad area depending on the requirement. However mock tests are created to simulate exact exam like conditions and thus are more exhaustive. To ensure that one doesn’t get stuck in a particular question, time management is imperative and it comes through mock tests.

Q. Does the NEET DLP focus more on concepts or practicing problems??

NEET DLPs should have the mix of concepts and problems. The problem with missing out on problems is that it can cause a lot of error in calculations during the actual examination even if the student can assess the question. The problem with missing out on concepts is that if the questions demand a little bit of thinking outside the box or introduces new criterion previously undiscovered in practice questions, the student will be unable to attend the question. Thus a NEET DLP should have a mixture of both.

Q. Can anyone not clear the NEET exam without coaching??

If you look at past year candidates who cleared NEET right after their boards without coaching, it is certain that coaching is not absolutely mandatory for clearing the NEET exam. But after passing class 12th a lot of students find it difficult to recollect the concepts of class 11th, so in coaching institutes students are guided for their preparation.

  • Planning your preparation – While you can plan your studies on your own, an online coaching platform has a lot of experience and their faculty can guide you well in your preparation and make this task easier helping you distribute time among subjects, creating a daily schedule, setting milestones, etc.

  • Time management – This is where online coaching gets the advantage as they have already planned a suitable timeframe for you and also if you are stuck anywhere they can guide you.

  • Materials – As opposed to just studying just the NCERT, online coaching provides you with very high quality study materials and notes. They are well detailed and filled with examples and illustrations for easier grasping of subjects.

  • Practice - Online coaching provides you question banks and previous year questions. Also, if you are stuck in some questions, there are doubt-clearing sessions taken by well trained professionals dedicated to provide you with all solutions.

  • Confidence – Online coaching conducts regular mock tests and online test series that not only help you figure out how prepared you are for the actual exam but boost your confidence to face it.

Q. Is Allen DLP enough for NEET?

Allen will provide you with Books which is difficult to understand while kaysons will provide you videos lectures along with real life doubt clearing and 30000 questions to practice.