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Chapter-2: Anatomy Of Flawering Plants


Anatomy refers to the study of internal morphology or form and structure of the internal parts like bones, organs etc. However, in the case of flowering plants, it implies the general term for the study of the internal structure of plants. It is also known as Phytomy. The most important part of the plant structure is the tissue. A tissue may be defined as “a group of similar or dissimilar cells having common origin and performing a specific function.” Tissues are mainly divided into three categories: Meristematic tissues, Permanent Tissues and Secretory tissue.

Chapter Analysis:

Anatomy is another chapter with an even number of questions being asked each ever. Collectively, 35 questions were asked in the last 11 years, with 5 question being asked in each 2009 and 2012. Except for the year 2014, where only 2 questions were asked, atleast 3 or more questions have been asked in the paper. So, 3 questions can be expected to be present in the paper from Anatomy.
The following bar-graph exhibits the frequency of questions asked in the last 11 years :

The important topics to be covered from this chapter are :
• Anatomy of different types of flowers
• Types of Tissue Systems
• Types of Roots.
• Growth of Flowering Plant

Tips and Tricks : Anatomy of Flowering Plant is an interesting and well-asked chapter from the NEET Syllabus. There has been regular appearance of question from this topic in large scale. Hence, the following tips might help the student in uplifting their preparation of the topic:
• NCERT will form the base for the understanding of further queries and it provides a stern platform to further work on. Here is the NCERT PDF version of the chapter :
• There are various flow charts in this chapter. Hence, they must be created in a single large sheet of paper and looked upon at regular intervals.
• There is a huge number of unique terms and keywords. Hence, they must be revised regularly. Once in a fortnight is a must.
• The diagrams must be practiced and understood clearly. Video explanations can be looked onto if one finds difficulty in understanding the diagram.